Post on wall using Facebook command line (FBCMD) in Linux

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There are many ways to post the messages on facebook wall like mobile, sms , pc .Now you can also post using the FBCMD

There are a few prerequisites for installing the command line Facebook application,FBCMD. PHP 5.x is a requirement, since the application is a single PHP file. You can install php5 via any method you wish but, in my experience, I had to install php5-cli, php5-gd, and php5-mysql to use this application.

Connect to the FBCMD and download the PHP file or grab it easily via curl. Follow the steps to use it with command line..

git clone git://

cd fbcmd
sudo php fbcmd_update.php

sudo php fbcmd_update.php install

fbcmd go access
fbcmd go auth

fbcmd auth XXXXXX

fbcmd addperm

For quick check you can see what are the permission you have be granted,type

fbcmd showperm

Here ‘1’ means permitted and ‘0’ means permission denied.
That’s it .


I can’t show you all of the FBCMD commands but I can show you a few of the fun ones.You can do almost anything with the command line interface that you can with the web interface.To see a list of your friends who are signed into Facebook, use fonline.

To see a list of messages that your friends have posted to your wall, use mywall.

You can read your Facebook messages with the inbox keyword.


To check those annoying event invitations that people send you, use events.

And, last but not least, you can update your status.


This could be like you cannot view the pictures and seems less social , but you can do this if you dont like to install the application and to post quick message on the wall .For those of you who love to use Facebook, you’re sure to love an easy to install, easy to use command line Facebook application like FBCMD. Those of us who like a challenge are in the minority. Most people just want something that works and works without hassle or strain. Make it so, Linux fans.

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