How to configure corporate email in blackberry in BIS without activation from corporate !

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One of my friend was very keen in configuring the corporate email in his blackberry Bold. He tried to contact the company to configure the corporate email in his blackberry mobile. But they asked him to get approvals and all those formalities.

The best thing  in corporate emails is that they gave access to their access through webmail.  So if you have access to webmail and want to configure your blackberry just follow the steps

Open you webmail . The outlook webmail access (owa) address could be like

It all depends that what version and email solution is used by your company . Here in this section I am taking the case of MS Outlook 2010

Click on the ‘?’ showed in the pic below.

Click “About” and  this will open the details of the webmail servers

After this, search for the terms

Proxy host address: 

In my case it is

After that search for the string in the about page

Exchange Client Access server name:

It will have the server name looks like (It depends from mail server to servers)

Note down this because we need this to configure blackberry .

Now its blackberry time to configure

Open blackberry

Home>Menu> Setup>Email Settings

Click on Add >>Others

Enter your corporate email address and password in the fields and let it process .


now you will be able to see new option

“I will provide the settings” 🙂

Now you have to select the Outlook Web Access(Exchange)

Enter your email address , password

In Outlook Web Access URL

Enter your Proxy host address  which I have mentioned in the first steps

Now in the username field enter your login name with domain or without domain name like domain\username or username

In Mailbox name enter the

Exchange Client Access server name as mentioned above

click next and done  ! 🙂

Enjoy the corporate email. I am not sure that this will work for the Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version:8.2 but it does work for v14 . You can check this version in same about page .

And if you are using v8.2 then about page can be seen on options>about.


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