How to open root folder or any file as root user in Linux !!

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This is very common problem for every new user in Linux to open file system as root user.

Many times its needed to open and run file as root user. In this section I am going to tutorialized two methods to open any folder or right click open as root user in Linux.

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How to configure corporate email in blackberry in BIS without activation from corporate !

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One of my friend was very keen in configuring the corporate email in his blackberry Bold. He tried to contact the company to configure the corporate email in his blackberry mobile. But they asked him to get approvals and all those formalities.

The best thing  in corporate emails is that they gave access to their access through webmail.  So if you have access to webmail and want to configure your blackberry just follow the steps

Open you webmail . The outlook webmail access (owa) address could be like

It all depends that what version and email solution is used by your company . Here in this section I am taking the case of MS Outlook 2010

Click on the ‘?’ showed in the pic below.

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Post on wall using Facebook command line (FBCMD) in Linux

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There are many ways to post the messages on facebook wall like mobile, sms , pc .Now you can also post using the FBCMD

There are a few prerequisites for installing the command line Facebook application,FBCMD. PHP 5.x is a requirement, since the application is a single PHP file. You can install php5 via any method you wish but, in my experience, I had to install php5-cli, php5-gd, and php5-mysql to use this application.

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How to get Facebook Profile Id ?

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Now a day facebook has replaced  the profile name instead of Ids.

But still in some cases you may need the profile Ids such as to integerate its api.

So just check out this

if you hit the URL below . It will show you your profile Id

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Mass Storage for Blackberry Bold issue fix

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I have recently buyed blackberry 9700. It comes with OS 5 . Later I realized that my window 7 machine is not able to recognize it as mass storage whenever I make it connect in spite I am able to sync everything else.

I searched on internet for 3 days and atlast found the solution .

Who ever is facing the same problem with blackberry bold then , follow my steps to solve this one.

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How to mount\open ISO| IMG|BIN|MDF|NRG files in Linux

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I have many files I have saved in ISO formats when I was using window OS. When I switched on to the Linux it little difficult.

There are many methods to open and to extract the files from the images.One of the simplest method I will explain you here.

You can install the “Furius ISO mount” software .Its free and very easy to install.

It opens mentioned  formats like ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG

Check out “Ubuntu Software Center” or download it from the developers site.

After installation it will go

Accessories>> Furious ISO mount

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wget – Download using the command line

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There are many ways to download the files from the sources, it can be done by right clicking on the link and choosing to save the given file, but that may take long time and tiring.

If you are on Linux distro then you can use a better approach to use wget command line.

It is usually installed in all Linux distros, but if not we can install it.


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Compaq V3424AU Drivers

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“Worried about compaq V3424AU Drivers”

I buyed Compaq V3424AU model with pre installed vista.But i was not satisfied with vista .So, i uninstalled it and installed xp professional .Firstly I was unable to find any diver for its hardware.and finally i got them all.So follow below and enjoy Xp.

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